October 7, 2010

Charging ropes another win

By Michael Johnson, Editor

If this were the 1800s you could bet that crime would be dealt with by the eagle-eye roping skills of Sheriff Don Charging riding through the muddy streets on the back of his horse Soda Pop. But since it’s 2010, sometimes the skills of the cowboy have to be put to work on the weekends. For Charging that means hitting up as many weekend rodeos as he can. This year he’s made it to about a dozen rodeos with his partner JD Youngbird, from Wilton. In the middle of September, Charging and Youngbird took first place at the August Little Soldier Memorial Team Roping event sponsored by Four Bears Casino. It was the first such event the casino sponsored. They were up against about 190 other teams in the all day event. On top of that, Charging also took third place with another roper, Bridger Bohmbach from Sidney, Mont. That made Charging the top dollar winner at the event, so he also rode away with a brand new horse trailer.

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