March 21, 2018

Chess club formed locally

BHG News
As many others before him, Brian Tinker developed a lifelong passion for chess at an early age, which was fostered by his experiences in school in Los Gatos, California.
Tinker’s first teacher at age seven was his father, Arthur Tinker, who now lives in Bend, Oregon. His father was a tough competitor, who had no pity for mistakes made by his young chess student.
When he finally was able to beat his father at chess at age 16, Tinker considered it quite an accomplishment.
Later, while attending Los Gatos High School, he had a unique challenge when a visiting chess master, George Koltanowski, played the members of the school’s chess club. He lasted the most moves (29) against the chess master, earning a story in the local newspaper at that time. Tinker stated, “I wasn’t even the highest ranked member of the club at that time.”
From that point on, chess has been a part of his life, more or less. He has taught many others to play including his daughter Audrey, son Aaron, stepson Richard and an estimated 50 others.
Some have developed into good players; others have decided the game is not for them or get tired of losing.



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