April 6, 2016

City asking for numbers on new curb stops

By Suzanne Werre

The Underwood City Commissioners put the brakes on their previous decision that all drop curbs will have to be upgraded to new curb and gutter during the city’s summertime street improvement project.

Commissioners decided to put a hold on their previous decision to include citywide curb and gutter construction where there are currently drop curbs until they find out how much it will cost the city.

Commissioner Jay Snyder expressed his opinion that if someone who is putting in a 4-foot apron for a driveway that requires a pre-existing curb to be taken out, that property owner should be treated the same as someone who is required to have a curb put in to replace a drop curb – the cost of cutting out that pre-existing curb should be assessed citywide rather than having the property owner foot the bill.

The commissioners asked Toman Engineering’s Harvey Schneider to determine the number of drop curbs in the city that would need to be constructed, and what the cost of that would be.



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