October 23, 2012

City closer to obtaining clinic for daycare

By Suzanne Werre, BHG News Service

The Comet Kids Daycare center is one step closer to possibly finding a solution to its financial difficulties, as the building may soon be turned over to the city by its board of directors. Bob Krumwiede of the Underwood Clinic Association, which owns the building, was present at the commission’s most recent meeting. He told the commissioners in attendance that the association members are very interested in turning the building over to the city, and they are checking the by-laws to see what would need to be done to give the building to the city. The daycare currently rents the clinic building from the association, the rent also going toward the cost of utilities. The daycare center recently asked the city to help catch up on the rent which is past due, as well as pay the next year’s rent so the daycare center can use the money that comes in from its patrons to raise the employees’ salaries. The commissioners then began an effort to see about acquiring the building from the clinic association. If the building were to become city-owned, noted city auditor Diane Schell, grants and/or loans may become available to the daycare center through the USDA. No official action was taken by the commissioners, and the issue will be revisited. After a brief discussion on the current policing within the city limits, the commissioners in attendance (Rick Olson, Jay Snyder and Roger Britton) voted to approve the 2013 police contract. Commission president noted that he had recently visited with McLean County Sheriff Don Charging about some local concerns. “I gave him a pretty good earful . . . in a constructive way,” said Olson.



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