March 21, 2012

City commission prioritizes plan

By Suzanne Werre, BHG News Service

Underwood City Commissioners prioritized the sidewalks they want created and/or improved at their regular Monday night meeting this week, giving their list to Toman Engineering’s Dave Thompson, who will return to the commission’s next meeting on April 2 with the new proposed plan specs and mapping.  He will also have an estimate of how far along that proposed sidewalk path the $200,000-plus grant money will go.  After discussing the initial proposed route, as well as some other suggested routes, the commission prioritized the sidewalk construction/ renovation for the “Safe Route to School” plan as follows: 1. The west side of Sayler St. from the elementary school (going along the football field fence) to McKinley (Paul Brown residence) – new sidewalk. 2. The west side of Summit St. from West Roosevelt (Dave Werre residence) to Grant (Schauer residence) – new sidewalk. 3. West side of Summit from Roosevelt (St. John’s Church) to County 14 – repair/new sidewalk. 4. The north side of Lincoln (Ben Zietz residence) from Summit to 3rd (Dale Blotske residence) – repair.

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