May 16, 2018

City drops price on residential lots

The Underwood City Commission just knocked down the price of a lot . . . by a lot.
At Thursday’s regular meeting, the Underwood City Commissioners approved dropping the price for a lot in the Repnow-Mees Addition of Underwood, the southeast corner of Underwood, from $1000 to $1, making lots in that section of town the same price as lots in Westridge Addition on the west side of Underwood.
Commissioner Jay Snyder brought forth the idea of lowering the price for property in Repnow-Mees in the hopes of enticing potential homeowners to build homes in the area and get the property on the tax rolls. The stipulation was again made that the property must be used for a residence, and property owners are not permitted to erect just a garage on the property – there must be a residence. If two adjacent lots are purchased, one may be used for the residence and the other for a garage, but a single lot may not be purchased for the purpose of erecting a garage.
Repow-Mees was a continued topic of conversation as a resident of that development was given an additional month to clean up his property. Michael Erickson, who resides at the property in Repnow-Mees, informed the commissioners that he has done quite a bit of clean-up already, asking what more is required of him. The commissioners gave him until July 1 to move his semi trailer from the street and do other necessary clean-up of the property or the city will take further action.
The commissioners received 12 bids to mow city property, but opted to not go with any of them, as they hired two summer employees instead. Zach Cottingham and Ashlie Nelson were the two workers hired among the four applicants.
The commissioners have employees lined up to handle lawn mowing, but there might not be a lot of need for that if rain doesn’t come soon. The commissioners reviewed the burn-ban declaration that the county commissioners issued on May 1.



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