August 22, 2018

City gives grocery store financial shot in the arm

By Suzanne Werre
The Underwood City Commission put its money where its mouth is Monday night, offering a $40,000 line of credit to Underwood’s Warehouse Grocery to help it make improvements in an all-out effort to keep the store’s doors open.
Store owner Gary Adam and Underwood economic developer Wendy Spencer were present at Monday’s regular city commission meeting to ask for help from the commission, requesting $25,000 to help with operating costs. Showing solidarity in backing the grocery store and its owner, the commissioners upped the ante, approving an interest-free line of credit up to $40,000 which will be paid back with sales tax monies brought in by the grocery store.
During discussion regarding why the grocery store needs help, Adam noted that one reason is that his operating costs are higher than they should be primarily because the compressors used for the freezers and coolers need replacing.
Aside from that, added Spencer, sales at the store have been down, with locals opting to do their grocery shopping elsewhere.
When asked why he thinks that is, Adam speculated it’s because sometimes some of the items that are listed as specials for a particular week aren’t available.
“It’s an issue at the port,” he said. “It’s a trucking issue all over.”



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