November 4, 2015

City going with Circle

By Suzanne Werre

The green garbage totes that line the streets on garbage day will be replaced by gray ones this January, after commissioners approved a contract with Circle Sanitation to be the city’s garbage contractor.

Commissioners compared the bids presented by three garbage companies, Dakota Sanitation, Circle Sanitation, and Underwood’s current waste handler, Waste Management, narrowing the discussion to Waste Management and Circle Sanitation quickly.

After going through the breakdown showing both residential and commercial garbage rates, commissioners voted unanimously to accept Circle Sanitation’s bid. The company will start disposing of Underwood’s garbage in January.

During their discussion, it was noted that city auditor Diane Schell had requested the current rates charged to the commercial businesses, noting that some businesses have been getting charged $30 more per month more than others with the same size dumpster.

Commissioner Ethan Vaagene said he has an issue with businesses being charged different rates for the same service.



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