May 14, 2019

City holding stance on ordinance

By Suzanne Werre
The discussion over a request for a building permit for a fence got a little heated during Wednesday’s Underwood City Commission meeting, then bubbled over for a few minutes following the meeting.
The city commissioners approved several building permits during Wednesday’s meeting, but opted to set a special meeting to discuss the building permit for a fence submitted by resident Michael Erickson after city commissioner Patti Werre pointed out that Erickson is still in noncompliance with the city’s ordinance that states the siding on his garage must match the siding on his house.
Erickson said it has been winter for the past several months and he hasn’t had a chance to paint yet, to which Werre replied his noncompliance with the city’s ordinances, which includes an unkempt yard and other eyesores, has been an ongoing issue that needs to be resolved.
“Take me to court then. Take me to court. Please. Let’s get it over with,” said Erickson.
He indicated that he is hoping to build the fence on his property in Repnow-Mees in the next month or two, which prompted Commission President Leon Weisenburger to suggest holding a special meeting where the issue could be discussed in further detail.



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