September 20, 2017

City looking at mill increase

By Suzanne Werre
The Underwood City Commission members are hoping that the Underwood residents remember that there wasn’t a mill increase levied last year, as they look at increasing the general fund by levying 2.5 percent for 2018.
“You could levy up to 105 in the general fund, but you’re only levying 52,” said City Auditor Diane Schell.
The proposed budget has the city levying a total of 59.12 mills, which includes 52.54 mills for the general fund, 4 mills for the library and 2.5 mills for public recreation funds.
The commissioners briefly perused the proposed budget for 2018 as Schell went through the budgets for each fund before approving it. They will have the next two weeks to go through the budget before making recommendations at the next meeting, scheduled for Monday, Oct. 2 at 6 p.m.
One mill was valued at $1993.66 for 2017, while one mill is valued at $2036.45 for 2018.
Schell did not have a per-household dollar amount associated with the increase in mills, but will have that available at the next meeting.



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