October 19, 2011

City lots by fairgrounds not sold yet

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The city property near the McLean County Fairgrounds has not been sold to the public yet but vehicles are already being parked there. Varion Hetle has asked to buy five of the city lots for $3,000. He was the first to approach the commissioners about the purchase so they wanted to give him the first chance to do so. The sight of four abandoned vehicles on the property has made commissioners rethink the sale at this time. They talked about getting Hetle to come in and discuss his plans. “I don’t want to see them become junk yards,” Mayor Rick Olson said of the property. Commissioner Jay Snyder did not like that vehicles were already parked there when the lots were not yet sold. The hope was that the lots would be built on and improved. “I’d like to see the lots improved,” commissioner Jay Snyder said.



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