November 2, 2011

City of Underwood named Entrepreneurial Community of the Year

By Michael Johnson, Editor

It was hard for Underwood Community Developer Becky Bowen to hold back her excitement upon accepting the award for Underwood as the Entrepreneurial Community of the Year. She accepted the award on Saturday at the Marketplace of Ideas Showcase held at the Bismarck State College. She is now ready to share the award with the community. The award will be on display in the Small Business Development Center for the community to come and see what waves this small town is making in a state that is doing very well overall compared to the rest of the country, economically. Moves that helped Underwood’s chances for the award included the incorporation of Beautification Days, where the community and businesses are beautified through a community driven effort. The introduction of the Small Business Development Center in Underwood was also a major step in encouraging entrepreneurs to come to Underwood from the McLean and Sheridan Counties. The business encourages entrepreneurs to start or expand their small business and what better place to do that than right here in Underwood?



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