January 30, 2013

City resells lots near fairgrounds

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The city approved the sale of City Lots 4-5, on Block 1 Stewart’s 2nd Addition to Underwood resident and city commissioner Jim Bailey on Jan. 22. They originally sold the lots to Varion Hetle last year. The city contacted Hetle numerous times to get payment for the property, but received no response. The property was to be sold for $1,600 to Hetle and the same amount was asked of Bailey. Bailey handed city auditor Diane Schell the cash for the property just moments after the commission approved the sale. He said his plans for the property include building a 40 foot by 60 foot building. It will have white siding to match existing buildings on the site. He plans to seek bids locally for the project. There were salvage vehicles brought to the property by Hetle before the sale was approved. Bailey noted that when the time comes the cars best be gone or they may have a tree fall on them.



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