April 23, 2014

City says ‘yea’ to zoning plan

By Suzanne Werre
BHG News

The Underwood City Commission approved the second reading of the city’s new zoning ordinances at Monday’s meeting, making just a few changes to the document that was presented for public discussion last month.

Commission President Rick Olson cast the one dissenting vote, while commissioners Steve Cottingham, Jay Snyder and Jim Bailey voted yes. Commissioner Roger Britton did not attend the meeting.

Much of the discussion preceding the vote was centered around an issue that has been dogging the commission for months – how to keep the ordinances separate from the covenants in residential areas, yet watch out for residents who want their covenants followed by new builders.

"Where are the checks and balances for those building out there," said Olson. "Like . . .size-wise, don’t you think it should be there?"

"No," answered Bailey. "Do you want somebody telling you what you can build?"

Cottingham reiterated the city’s new policy – that the city approves or doesn’t approve building permits according to the new zoning ordinances. The ordinances are dictated by the city map, which designates which parts of the city are residential I, II and III, as well as industrial or commercial, etc.



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