January 7, 2015

City to visit with economic group about future

By Suzanne Werre

The Underwood City Commission won’t be holding another regular meeting during the month of January, but the commissioners do plan on scheduling a couple of other meetings – one a brain-storming session with the members of the commission and the members of the Underwood Area Economic Development Corporation, and another with the Moore Engineering before all the final plans/route are decided upon for the upcoming floodwater project.

After hearing economic developer Tyler Demars’ request for an increase in his budget request from last year by about $4,000, commissioners visited with Demars extensively about what his plans are for economic development for the community, and what he feels was accomplished this year.

"What have we done to get new businesses in town," asked commissioner Ethan Vaagene.

"We’ve been supportive of businesses that want to move into town," said Demars, noting that it is through one business connection that the city was able to procure a buyer for the former nursing home. He also noted the recent opening of the Rusted Rail and the impending opening of another business within about the next month.

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