January 15, 2014

Civic club condensing Harvest Fest to half-day

By Suzanne Werre
BHG News

A big change is in the works with the Underwood Civic Club, as the group is planning to pare down the annual Harvest Fest to just one half-day full of events. The event, typically scheduled for a full day the second Saturday in August, will be held Friday, Aug. 8, with events starting in the afternoon and running through the street dance.

"We’re trying to scale it down . . . keep the events that have been popular for the last couple of years and really focus on those, and kind of really go boom, boom, boom, back-to-back-to-back to kind of keep the excitement," said Civic Club President Jeff Higbie.

The event has struggled to bring in a crowd, particularly the past couple of years, noted Higbie, and the Civic Club is hoping that by streamlining things, eliminating some things that have run their course, and maybe even combining some events (having one the kiddie parade and regular parade one right after the other).

The idea is that while the lake definitely calls to locals in the last few weekends of summer, if folks can stay in town to celebrate the Harvest Fest on Friday, they’ll still have all day Saturday and Sunday to head out to the lake.

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