December 14, 2016

Civic club needs president as Haugen steps down

By Suzanne Werre
Who will be president?
This election will probably not get as dicey as the recent presidential election, but the question remains for the Underwood Civic Club members – who will be president.
Current president, Anna Haugen, who has held the position for the past two years, has indicated she will not run for or accept the presidency for the upcoming year.
Current treasurer, Amanda Haseleu, and current secretary, Suzanne Werre, indicated they would continue in their current positions for another year, but when Haseleu asked if anyone present at the sparsely-attended meeting would be willing to take the position of president, nobody volunteered.
Those in attendance agreed that the president doesn’t have to be a business owner. In fact, the past two presidents have been ministers – not business owners.
The organization is not a “chamber of commerce,” they agreed.

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