January 29, 2015

Co-op plan still under scrutiny

By Suzanne Werre

The Underwood School Board was updated on the recent co-op meeting with Turtle Lake-Mercer-McClusky which was held last Wednesday, going through the areas where changes were made.

It was noted at the last co-op meeting that a lot of people from the Turtle Lake community were not in favor of the new co-op plan, according to the Turtle Lake-Mercer representatives who attended the meeting.

The new co-op plan would have the schools co-oping in both boys and girls varsity basketball and junior high basketball next season, while volleyball would co-op the next season.

They were informed that the TLMM School Board was also planning to have another meeting with its patrons to discuss the plan, with the intent of highlighting the numbers of potential students/student athletes in the coming years.

While agreeing with most of the proposed agreement, the board spent some time discussing the merit of having games or practices in McClusky for the junior high students. Under the current co-op with TLMM, all practices are held at either Underwood or Turtle Lake.

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