December 22, 2016

Co-op survey not likely

By Suzanne Werre
The new commons area/administrative offices has been getting glowing reviews, even before the school held its official open house Monday evening.
While the addition is already being used, there are a few items on the punch list that still need to be taken care of, including getting the air conditioner up and wired in and putting new footings underneath the condenser, to name a couple things.  While the new things are being taken care of, an older thing that needs work popped up.
“Our lean-to is pretty rotten,” commented school board member Chad Weisenberger, who is on the buildings and grounds committee.  When the construction crew was walking on it during the construction, they said like they felt like they were walking on rubber, said Weisenberger.
The school is getting estimates on what it would cost to repair/replace the lean-to. In order to fix it, he noted, it will need to be able to be tied into the current barrel roof that is over the gym. Additional lights for different areas around the school grounds are also going to be added.
Another item the buildings and grounds committee is looking into is improving/repairing or replacing playground equipment. The committee is still looking at different options.
Regarding the addition, in his principal’s report, Lee Weisgarber noted the commons area has been very well received by the students, who are using it for its intended purpose – a place for them to gather before school and at lunch time.



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