October 5, 2011

Coal Creek Station helps Spiritwood

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Local workers at Coal Creek Station have been sharing their expertise to make sure the state’s newest power plant operates at an optimal level. Some of the workers at Coal Creek Station in Underwood have been traveling to the new Spiritwood Station, located in Spiritwood, to provide their first hand experience. Their experience at the state’s largest coal power plant in the state is a major help. Coal Creek Station is also helping the plant by sending dried and refined coal to help the plant operate at a higher efficiency. The Coal Creek Station currently dries down about 740,000 tons of coal per year through the DryFine process that will go to Spiritwood. After drying it down it weighs in at about 610,000 tons. In all, Coal Creek Station uses about 7.5 to 8 million tons of coal per year if no major spring outages take place. Most of that total goes through the DryFine process, said North Dakota communications supervisor for Great River Energy (GRE) Lyndon Anderson.



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