May 21, 2009

Come to the McLean County Fair

By Brenda L. Shelkey

It is crunch-time for McLean County Fair preparations. Dates for the annual event have moved up a month to June 11-13. That’s right, in June. Scheduling conflicts for the typical July fair helped the fair board make the decision to move to the June date. "We wanted to attract more people to the McLean County Fair," said fair board president Diane Schell. "The turnout last year was small, partially due to the weather, but also due to other community events in the county." In order to increase fair attendance, the fair board decided to make a few improvements to the grounds and change some of the scheduled events. Board members felt that a bigger carnival might do the trick. "The carnival this year is the biggest one we’ve had since the 1970s," said Schell. "Parents can take their children to a large carnival and won’t have to travel more than 30 to 50 miles for a carnival." The Mighty Thomas Carnival boasts having 15 rides, plus a midway full of games and food booths. The variety is meant to draw people from every age group. There will be some big, fast-moving rides that should thrill even the most adventurous teens. Schell explained that if fair goers purchase early, $15-ticket vouchers from one of the 21 businesses in the county, they will save five dollars on the carnival rides. Wristbands will be $20 during the fair, although tickets will also be sold for those wanting tickets for just a ride or two.


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