October 17, 2012

Comets shine light on suicide awareness

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The Underwood Comet girls volleyball team got the community’s attention at their game Monday night when they turned the gym yellow for suicide awareness. The girls planned out a serving game that allowed the attendees to serve and try to hit targets on the gym floor. If they could hit one they would win a prize. There was also information available on suicide awareness and there were yellow bracelets available for those that were not wearing yellow or who wanted to add an accessory to their wear. It didn’t take long for the gym to turn yellow with fans. Even the opponents, the Turtle Lake-Mercer Trojans, came out in yellow. The girls explained that the event was important to them because they felt it was something that needed to be talked about. “A lot of times, the school does not want to talk about it,” senior Sammi Cottingham said.



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