October 5, 2016

Commission approves revised specials plan

By Suzanne Werre
After weeks of marathon meetings where roads, streets, sewers, gutters and concrete aprons have taken a majority of the discussion time, Monday night’s hour-and-a-half meeting left city commissioners and those attending thrilled to be done in such a short time, having taken care of several issues on the agenda.
While a lot of topics came up on the agenda, the one that was most likely of the most interest to a lot of residents, even though only one who attended the recent protest meeting was in attendance at Monday’s regular meeting, was the discussion on the Thursday’s public meeting in which residents were allowed to protest their recently proposed special assessments following the floodwater project.
Following Thursday’s community meeting, the assessment committee did revise its formula for determining assessments, which met the approval of the commissioners in attendance.
The original plan presented by the special assessment board had the residents’ paying special assessments for last summer’s floodwater project according to how much property they own -- across the board.
The current plan the board presented for approval sets a base rate for every parcel, which should pay for about half of the assessments’ responsibility of the project, and the other half of the needed special assessment monies will be determined according to square footage of property owned.



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