June 24, 2010

Commission considers budget and Blue Flint tax exemption request

By Brenda L. Shelkey, BHG News Service

McLean County commissioners discussed various budget issues and Blue Flint’s tax exemption request during the June 21 meeting. County Auditor Leslie Korgel updated commissioners on the cleanup project of the old courthouse and the move into the 1963-1966 portion of the building. Korgel said, "Our building budget will take a hit this year because of the cleanup project and the closing down of the old courthouse." He reminded commissioners that even though the biggest cost is the cleanup of the ductwork of the 63-66 addition, but that particular cleanup was in the schedule to do this year or next year anyway. He explained that the electricity line item is over budget, but once they are done with the cleaning project, the electricity should be less than normal, one-third of the lights, one-third of the space since they will be moved out of the old courthouse and into the 63-66 addition. Korgel also noted that this is the first full year of having the Law Enforcement Center (LEC) open and they will be able to adjust better for utilities in next year’s budget. The LEC is currently housing 10 state prisoners and four federal prisoners, which has been going well. Al Fitterer wants to come down and talk with each department and talk about needs and size requirements of each department. Korgel said that Fitterer will be at the July 6 meeting to provide possible courthouse building options.



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