November 11, 2010

Commission considers ordinances, health inspection

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Mailboxes, unlicensed cars, wind towers, health violations … you name it, city commissioners discussed it at the last Underwood City Commission meeting held Nov. 1. Commissioners covered the gamut of issues facing Underwood in quick fashion.  One of the first issues that brought in three concerned residents was the impact drivers from the new bus barn are having on the entrance of Sayler Street off of County Road 14. The residents said that bus drivers are the primary culprits of using Sayler Street instead of the bus barn driveway, and their affect has been detrimental to the street. In talking with drivers, the reason for using Sayler Street was because the bus barn driveway is too muddy. "That’s not our problem," Mayor Rick Olson said. Commissioner Roger Britton volunteered to talk with Superintendent Dale Ekstrom to try and solve the issue before the street is damaged anymore. Residents did not want to be stuck with the bill to fix a street that was being overused by someone else.



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