July 10, 2013

Commission to make landfill decision July 16

By Michael Johnson, Editor

County commissioners want to lay out some ground rules before what’s expected to be a crowded commission meeting on July 16. The landfill change request from Great River Energy (GRE) is what is expected to bring the biggest draw. This meeting, to decide if GRE will gain approval, comes after McLean County Planning and Zoning members voted to offer no recommendation on the matter. Instead they voted to have the county commission decide. In preparation, commissioners received info from the attorney general on how to appropriately run the meeting. Notes of interest included that those looking to disrupt the meeting can be removed from the room. If they are persistent enough, a $5 fine and/or up to one day in jail may be issued. McLean County Auditor Les Korgel recommended limiting the time the parties are allowed to speak as this is a business meeting, not a public forum or testimony hearing. The commission will discuss several other regular planning and zoning items and commission items before discussing the topic of the landfill. The landfill discussion might not begin until about 10 a.m., according to McLean County auditor Les Korgel.



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