January 17, 2018

Commission trying to stay above water

By Suzanne Werre
The Underwood City Commission is looking for more transparency from the city of Riverdale and its representatives on the joint Underwood/Riverdale/North Central Rural Water Consortium as the water board looks at having to replace the water tower in Riverdale.
At the most recent meeting of the water board, those attending the meeting were given a 108-page preliminary engineering review that was prepared about the water and its replacement, which Underwood’s representatives Leon Weisenburger and Patti Werre were not expecting.
The surprise wasn’t that that the water tower needs replacing. It’s the fact that the board members from Underwood and the consortium were not included in any of the early discussion with the engineers during December.
“It was alarming because of how far they had actually gone with it already without us knowing that,” said Weisenburger.
Having said that, he noted that the water board rarely met in the past few years, so it fell on Riverdale to deal with things.
“They’re so used to deciding on their own – the water board hadn’t met for years, so they were just used to determining what they felt was right,” added Weisenburger.



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