September 14, 2011

Commission works to gain new lighting

By Michael Johnson, Editor

City commissioners discussed the replacement and retrofit of new lighting in the city hall during the last regular city commission meeting. The cost for the project came in at just under $18,000 for one bid from Western Lighting Technologies and Weber Electric and another, over $21,000 from Magnum Electric. Should the city award the project, most of that cost would be covered by a block grant. The city has been awarded a block grant to cover up to $13,940 of the cost and the city’s contribution was about $3,000. Don Coy, of Western Lighting Technology in Turtle Lake, visited with commissioners about what they could offer through their bid. The old lighting would be taken away by the company or Coy suggested that the old lighting could be reused by those in the area that will continue to use the fluorescent lights. The quote is to change lights over to a T-8 fluorescent light, a more efficient light.

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