September 24, 2013

Commissioners shooting for ‘zero’ increase in taxes

BHG News Service
    As commissioners started going through the proposed 2014 budget for the city of Underwood, city auditor Diane Schell informed them that the city was looking at having to increase the budget by about $8,000 compared to 2013. By the end of the meeting, after discussing where some cuts could probably be made and how money from one fund could be transferred to another to take care of increased expenditures, and the fact that auditor Schell estimates expenditures high and revenue low to ensure expenses are covered, the commissioners were feeling pretty confident they would be able to keep the 2014 budget the same as 2013’s, which would mean a zero percent increase in the taxes levied.
    "It would be nice to have a zero increase on the mills," said Commissioner Roger Britton.
    "I think we should seriously..." started Commission President Rick Olson. "Strive for that," finished Commissioner Jay Snyder.
    Commissioners Steve Cottingham and Jim Bailey were not in attendance.

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