December 12, 2012

Commissioners will help future restaurant

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Work to get another restaurant in Underwood is moving forward with the help of the Underwood City Commission. Brandon Sem, who is attempting to start a new restaurant in town, sought out assistance in running a water  line from the nearest line to his location. He received a bid of about $16,000 for 350 feet of line in the ground. He was looking to the city for help putting the line in the ground, assuming that the city would benefit from having the line out along the frontage road. While commissioners were in favor of assisting, they were not in favor of paying for all of the cost. They also said that the cost seemed too high for a 4-inch line.  They felt that a 6-inch line would be a better choice, at a lower cost. Justin Adolf was in attendance and he questioned if the line to Grimsley’s was paid for by private business owner, why should the commission help pay for it? The commission believed that the city did assist in the cost of the line to Grimsley’s. “I’m in favor of helping him out if we can,” commissioner Jim Bailey said. Commissioner Roger Britton agreed, stating that if they are going to help it should be a 6-inch line that would link into a fire hydrant. Commissioner Jay Snyder thought they should help with part of the project.

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