January 23, 2013

Community weighs options for nursing home

By Michael Johnson, Editor

A crowd of about 30 local residents gathered in the Underwood City Hall on Saturday to discuss the future of the Sanford Health Underwood Continuing Care Center, formerly Prairieview Nursing Home. Mayor Rick Olson, District 8 Rep. Jeff Delzer, Underwood Community Developer Tyler Demars, and Common Enterprise Executive Director Bill Patrie were all in attendance to hear concerns of the pubic and offer their knowledge. Several nursing home staff members were also in attendance and shared their fears about securing a job in their field. If another long-term care center was not established there, it would mean they would have to commute outside of the area or change professions to find work locally. Patrie suggested to the group that they still had a quality facility in town and a highly skilled work force. The key was trying to make sure the facility remain used for high-asset purposes similar to long-term care.



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