July 25, 2012

Cool way to spend summer

By Michael Johnson

It was so hot last week, pheasants in the area hatched out omelets. It was so hot that the sunflowers around town were seeking shade. It was so hot that local high diver David Senski stepped on the diving board soaking wet and before he hit the water he was bone dry. Luckily, there was enough water in the Underwood pool to leave him and dozens of other swimmers soaking wet in the wake of his splash. The Underwood pool has been a cool spot this summer, literally and figuratively. Pool manager, Lisa Auck, said that there have been many days with 100-plus kids stopping by. The top day had over 130 kids. With temps dangling smugly at 100 degrees on Thursday, the pool filled with swimmers. Senski is one of those. He’s actually a lifeguard, but for several years he was just there to swim and horse around. "He was one of the biggest trouble makers before," Auck said of him. "But now he’s a guard." He guards over the kids from his chair like a hawk perched from on top of a power line pole. As the kids took turns jumping from the diving, board he critiqued their form and urged them to kick harder or pivot differently.  "I tell them how to tuck," he said.



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