January 20, 2011

Coping with crisis

By Michael Johnson, Editor

When a crisis like suicide hits a community, it’s not something that can be resolved in short order. Perry Smith, of Wilton, has devoted much of his life to working to get through those crisis moments. His job with his company ADAPT Inc. is to handle crisis work on a daily basis throughout North Dakota. Smith was working in law enforcement when he began noticing and then tracking the different situations that could not be helped by the enforcement and social working facilities at the time. "There were a lot of gaps in service," Smith said. So he decided to start his own private business that would step in when those services were not met in order to help those people that were continuously falling through the cracks. When someone couldn’t get into a class to get their license back he can now start a class for them. When someone has an addiction problem and needs help now rather than in a few months, Smith can now get them on the road to recovery faster.

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