September 13, 2017

Cottingham battles poverty with LBDs

By Suzanne Werre
The little black dress has still got it.
And the women at Cottingham Insurance as well as several other businesses are joining forces in their little black dresses to raise funds for the United Way.
Donning their LBDs, as of Tuesday morning, with just one day of fundraising, Cottingham Insurance is in third place in fundraising, with 44 teams competing, raising a total of $12,000 in just the first day.
The women at Cottingham Insurance will be wearing their little black dresses through Thursday as part of the United Way’s “Little Black Dress” campaign, which is meant to bring awareness and help educate people about poverty.
This project really focuses on trying to help financially struggling families – giving them a hand up rather than a hand-out.
“A big focus is letting people know that just because you may be born into poverty doesn’t mean you have to live in poverty,” said Cottingham Insurance’s Amanda Haseleu. “They try to break that cycle.”

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