February 22, 2017

Cottingham matches food donations for cupboard

By Suzanne Werre
Cottingham Insurance put out a call for help restocking the shelves at the Community Cupboard food pantry in Underwood last week, offering to match whatever items were donated, dollar-for-dollar or item-for-item, and all-told they ended up stocking the Cupboard with about $1,000 worth of grocery items.
The insurance company took to social media to get the word out last week that they were holding a matching food drive, and people responded really well, said Cottingham’s Amanda Haseleu.
“People are generous,” she said. “I really like to do the matching thing because it encourages other people to give back.
“We’re lucky to have good jobs and talents that make it all possible, so we kind of feel like we need to give back where we can,” she added.
A drop box for Community Cupboard donations is located at the grocery store check-out, and throughout the store are blue signs that are “high need” items for the food pantry. Typically they’re canned food items such as fruit, meats, or soups, but the high need items will change from time to time depending on what the food pantry has in stock.

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