October 3, 2012

County approves final budget

By Michael Johnson, BHG News Service

The McLean County commissioners were pleased to approve a 2013 budget that showed an increase in salary for county employees and showed a decrease in the county tax levy by 11 percent. With the increase of the value of the mill in the county from $41,988 in 2011 to $49,755.17 in 2012, the county was able to drop the mills from 62.64 mills to 53.44 and still receive equal value. With fewer dollars needed, however, they were able to drop the mill levy to 47.45. That cut the tax needed by 11.22 percent. The 47.45 mills comes to about $2.36 million levied from county tax payers. The general fund portion included 13.47 mills. So when you get your tax bill, the county portion of your taxes equals about 30 percent of the total. If that 30 percent amount was $1,000, you see a drop of about $112 in that category. Tax cutting aside, the McLean County employees saw some increases to pay that should certainly retain and attract employees to the county, commissioners said.



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