November 19, 2014

County coroner rescinds resignation

By Cheryl McCormack
BHG News

Ben Gehring has rescinded his resignation as the county’s coroner, pending an agreement with the county to offset the cost of labor associated with the position.

Currently, Gehring receives funds to offset the cost of transport, but not the cost of labor.

During Tuesday’s McLean County Commission meeting, auditor Les Korgel said one of Gehring’s employees is absent for at least a half a day during a transport, and that expense comes directly out of the coroner’s pocket. He estimates Gehring makes at least two runs per month.

Commissioner Steve Lee said, "He needs to at least cover his costs, and make a buck or two. It’s not like he’s lining his pockets on this. We need to compensate him fairly. There’s not a lot of people out there clamoring for the job."

McLean County State’s Attorney Ladd Erickson said, "From what I’ve heard, if there’s a death, he’s there."

He stated Gehring would like a flat wage, being paid X-amount of dollars each month to be the county’s coroner. "I know what number is going to work – $1,500 a month," Erickson said.



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