January 21, 2010

County misses out on snow funds

By Alyssa Schafer, Editor

Snowy storms like the one that hit McLean County in late December are expensive. County officials were hoping some federal funding would help pay for last month’s snow-related expenses, but the state as a whole did not qualify for assistance. On Jan. 5, McLean County Emergency Manager Todd Schreiner said it might be possible to secure assistance funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help alleviate snow-related costs. Schreiner told McLean County Commissioners the county might qualify for FEMA assistance funds because of recent snow accumulations. During that Jan. 5 meeting, commissioners voted to approve a snow emergency declaration. The snow emergency funds would have applied to a 48-hour period within the snowfall of Dec. 23 to Dec. 30, 2009, Schreiner said. "We got 13 inches of snow," he said.



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