September 2, 2010

County school enrollments remain steady

By Stu Merry, BHG News Service

Classes are back in session at schools across McLean County. And while enrollments for the most part show steady numbers, there are signs that some schools could be bucking the trend of declining enrollments. For example, White Shield School has six seniors this year, but there are 15 students in the Head Start Program. Max graduated 13 seniors and has 17 students coming up in preschool. At Underwood, school officials note there are 13 seniors at UHS, while there are 39 students in the preschool program. There are signs that enrollments could stay steady in the county – if not increase over the coming years. "There seems to be many more little children around," was Elementary Principal Barb Robinson’s observation after the first week of school at Underwood Public School. Shelley Fuller, principal at Garrison’s Bob Callies Elementary School, said enrollment this year compared to last year is an increase of five students – 203 to 208. But that number is expected to change. Fuller said she is aware of potentially 10-12 more students enrolling at the elementary level in the near future.



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