May 8, 2014

Creative Décor by Ashley

By Suzanne Werre
BHG News

Underwood’s Ashley Ross has a flair for turning something old and used, something plain and ordinary into a showpiece, something anybody would be proud to show off in their home.

Ashley recently started her own home-based business, Creative Décor by Ashley, in which she turns often old, discarded jars, bottles and vases into beautiful works of art.

"I was just looking for a hobby, something that I could do at home, and I know Mason jars have become really popular lately, and I just kind of figured I could maybe start selling them and make a little extra money on the side," she smiled.

Ashley’s creations vary from elegant to whimsical – it just depends on how things go together.

"I just kind of start and go with it," she said. "I don’t really ever have a specific plan in mind. I just do it off the top of my head."

Ashley has been making the decorative jars for a while, but her business didn’t really take off and become well known until she set up her Facebook page.

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