May 26, 2016

Crime doesn’t wait

BHG News

Dealing with the increase in drug activity in the county has mushroomed the number of compensation hours for McLean County Sheriff’s Department deputies. As of May 16, comp. hours stands at more than 1,070.

At last week’s meeting of the county commission, the board addressed the issue with McLean County Sheriff JR Kerzmann and Chief Deputy Richard Johnson.

Wrestling with options, the commission asked county Auditor Les Korgel to bring in a proposed revision to the policy. The revision would change the cap hours to pay out on and give the commission more flexibility to address individual or department needs.

That idea was trumped the same day by a presidential statement dealing with overtime rules.

With that in play, Korgel said the county would have to hold off on changes until those rules are clarified on how they affect the local level.



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