September 11, 2013

Daycare center gets boost at city meeting

BHG News Service
    An invisible weight could almost be seen being lifted off the shoulders of Comet Kids’ Childcare board members Doreen Schaff, Kelli Weisenberger and Heather Hunt Monday night at the Underwood City Commission meeting when they heard some of the daycare’s financial woes would be getting some help.
    The daycare building was recently turned over to the city by the Underwood Clinic Association, which means the city now owns the building, and there may now be more availability to get some funding grants. Along with that, the clinic association also cleaned out its coffers and will be making sizable donations to the Underwood Clinic, the park board and the daycare center. City Auditor Diane Schell informed the city commission and those attending the meeting that it is expected the daycare center should be able to receive about $3,000 from the clinic association, the park board about $3,000, and the clinic about $10,000.
    Schaff said she, Weisenberger and Hunt came to the meeting because they just “want to know where we’re going to be now that the town owns (the building),” she said.



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