May 22, 2014

Daycare center given new lease on life

By Suzanne Werre
BHG News

The Comet Kids Daycare Center and the city have a few details to iron out, but the two groups will be entering into an agreement where the daycare center building, which was recently turned over to the city, will be leased to the daycare center rent-free, but the daycare center will have to pay the utilities.

City commissioner Roger Britton, who was acting president due to the absence of President Rick Olson, asked daycare center board members who were in attendance what they wanted to do as far as an arrangement, pay $400 rent per month or pay utilities, and board member Kelly Weisenburger answered quickly, "We would rather pay the utilities."

Weisenburger and board member Doreen Schaff noted they had recently met with commissioners Olson and Jim Bailey, and they had discussed the possible rental agreement and other issues dealing with maintenance costs. Some of those items will still need to be ironed out. Given the option, the day care center wanted to pay the utilities.

"And that is agreeable to the rest of the commission?" asked Britton.

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