December 4, 2013

DeAnn’s Designs ready for Saturday

By Suzanne Werre
BHG News Service

Underwood’s DeAnn Miller equates her seamstress skills to like those of a chef. Like a chef from the Cordon Bleu, Miller prides herself on using only top quality items for the products she makes. But instead of using spices and other ingredients for gourmet creations, Miller uses only the best fabrics and threads for the many unique items she makes. Many of those items will be available for purchase this Saturday at Underwood’s annual craft fair at the city hall.

Miller, designer/owner and operator of DeAnn’s Designs, says she’s pretty much ready for this weekend’s sale – the hand-crocheted infinity scarves, the decorative towels, aprons, table runners, rainbow bracelets and other items are all ready to go. She’s pretty much down to the little picky things she goes through to make sure everything is looking as perfect as possible.

She is anticipating a couple of items to be pretty popular, as they’ve been snapped up immediately when she has sold them before. She is expecting the full-size Vikings pillow cases and plush Vikings throw pillows to be gone in a flash, and she is also expecting one of her newer items, baby booties, to be a pretty popular item.

The booties, with a Sherpa lining and faux leather sole, have been very popular with folks trying to outfit the new little members of the family. She is actually trying to find a Vikings fabric that will work for the baby booties because Vikings items are so popular, but she hasn’t been able to find a Vikings logo small enough to fit on the front of a bootie. She does, however, have Cougar booties, which she expects might be snapped up early this Saturday. There are also a variety of other baby-themed booties that are available, and some are even "high-top."

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