April 1, 2010

Declining enrollment means fewer hours for some school staff

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Several additions and subtractions are equaling staff reductions at the Underwood School after the school board took action on March 22. Lower student numbers have caused the school board and school administration to take a look at ways to make staff-to-student ratios more cost effective. The school hired Souris Valley Special Services to review the numbers and make recommendations. One of the recommendations was to cut Kathy Reich’s position by 50 percent. She is certified in learning disabilities and has asked for a non-renewal hearing. But after a meeting with the school’s attorney it was clear that no such cut could take place. The attorney told the school board and administration that their reduction was flawed. Apparently there is a big difference between cuts from elementary to secondary staff. If a declining enrollment takes place in the secondary then a staff reduction can go into force, but at the elementary level the same is not true.



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