August 29, 2018

Dedication held for Schafer sculpture

Information provided by Diane and Candace, daughters of John Schafer
The day was hot and the sun bright in the park area of the Donald and Diane Cullum home, as Legion and Auxiliary members, friends and family gathered for the dedication of John Anton Schafer’s sculpture.
The event, held on August 18 at 4 p.m., focused on the work of Donald Cullum, local artist and sculptor and his work honoring his father-in-law and all U.S. veterans. A duplicate sculpture has been commissioned for display in Mandan.
Schafer’s daughter Diane read artist Don Cullum’s vision of the soldier contemplating home and his loved ones as he gazes north towards home in North Dakota.
Over the shoulder of the soldier, those gathered symbolized all who are protected by the soldiers who fought our battles in Korea and all of the wars that our U.S. soldiers have fought in.
The white body of the sculpture represented the soul, spirit and memories that make us who we are.
The seven tufts of live grass at John’s feet represent the life that John would make with his love Ardys: one tuft of grass for each of their children and eventual grandchildren and great-grandchildren.



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