August 24, 2016

Department looks at pickups

BHG News
The look of the McLean County Sheriff’s Department fleet could be changing.
Not only is the color scheme getting a new look, the type of vehicle could be changing as well. As patrols take more of a rural look, four new pickups are proposed for the department in next year’s budget.
With the ongoing process of department heads presenting their proposed budgets for the coming year, McLean County commissioners heard from Sheriff JR Kerzmann.
Talking about the fleet, Kerzmann said resale is a positive when it comes to pickups over cruisers.
“I can see that as a big upside, going with pickups,” said Commissioner Steve Lee. “Whether it be for resale or re-use, even in-house potential.”
Kerzmann said there’s a cost savings going with pickups over cruisers.

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