February 15, 2012

Deputy Hickman stationed in Underwood

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The first thing that Deputy Gary Hickman realized when he started working for McLean County Sheriff’s Dept. in January was that there are a lot of kind people living in the area. The next thing he realized was that there are a lot of out-of-state people coming through that don’t always abide by the common courtesy of this area. “The biggest thing is the out-of-state people that want to bring their bad habits with them,” Hickman said. “I don’t think they realize that hometown North Dakota isn’t going to put up with that.” And neither is Deputy Hickman. Hickman is the newest deputy on the McLean County Sheriff’s Dept. He is stationed out of Underwood, but like any other deputy, finds himself frequenting other areas of the county when the need arises. Hickman said when he first got to town and was awarded the position that he spent his first week living in a motel. There was no place to rent in Underwood so he found a place in Turtle Lake.

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