December 23, 2010

Directors discuss new phones, keys

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Administration at Underwood School think it’s time for a more reliable phone system and the school board of directors agrees. Much of the discussion from the building committee during the last regular school board meeting surrounded the cost and benefits of a new phone system in the school. Options included buying an all-new system, which was about a $10,250 option. Another option was to lease the system for about $210 a month. Ekstrom’s recommendation was to lease the system. The board was in favor of leasing the system because under that agreement the system would be covered for maintenance and they could take advantage of e-rate. E-rate is a program that assists schools and libraries with funds to obtain communications equipment like phones. More discussion was had about what the system should include. Director Mike Heger mentioned that a speaker system may be a good addition that could be helpful. Director Tania Eichhorst mentioned that if they are going to be running new phone lines into all rooms, now might be a good time to run cable for TVs to all classrooms, too. Secondary principal Lee Weisgarber said the system that was discussed with West River Telecommunications would meet the needs that he was looking for.



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