April 9, 2014

Double/triple-parking gets attention

By Suzanne Werre
BHG News

An impassioned Deb Hatzenbuhler, co-owner of Hatzy’s Repair along U.S. Highway 83, made a plea to city commissioners Monday night to do something about the double and sometimes triple-parking by semis that is going on along Frontage Street, the street that leads to their business. The truck parking is sometimes cutting off the street entirely, she said.

The commissioners discussed the problem, but it was a new business owner in town who may have come up with the most helpful scenario – eventually.

Hatzenbuhler noted that at an earlier commission meeting commissioners "told there were going to be some signs" going along Frontage Street that leads to Hatzy’s (running along the west side of Grimsley’s), noting that it is a through-street, and informing people that they cannot double park and block off the street. As of now there still are no signs.

"Every time we go out there, we have to drive through Grimsley’s pumps to get to our business," said Hatzenbuhler. "That has got to quit. That has to quit.

"They come and park three-wide now. We can’t even get to our business," she added.

Commissioner Jim Bailey noted he was told that something may be in the works, regarding turning some of the property to the west of Grimsley’s into a parking area, but that doesn’t help the current situation.



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